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Our Mission and Philosophy

We believe in leading from the front!

At Strong Life Chiropractic we specialize in the assessment and treatment of sports-related injuries. We believe in a conservative and functional approach that allows the body to heal and perform at its best without the need for drugs or surgeries. 


By treating the patient instead of their symptoms we are able to properly couple corrective exercises with chiropractic care. This combination of treatment methods helps the patient recover faster than the traditional methods of rest, ice, and taking medication. 


We are dynamic individuals in a static world.


Chronic lack of movement can lead to disease and dysfunction. We believe that the answer to many of our ailments is to introduce movement and maintain movement quality for as long as possible. In this way we truly can enjoy our LIFE.



Tel. 208-821-4784


Instagram: @thebarbellchiro

7145 SW Varns Street #102

Tigard, OR




Mon - Fri:

By appointment


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