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About Us

Start enjoying your life again.

Our Mission & Philosophy

We believe in leading from the front!

At Strong Life Chiropractic & Performance we specialize in the assessment and treatment of sports-related injuries. We believe in a conservative and functional approach that allows the body to heal and perform at its best without the need for drugs or surgeries.

By treating the patient instead of their symptoms we are able to properly couple corrective exercises with chiropractic care. This combination of treatment methods helps the patient recover faster than the traditional methods of rest, ice, and taking medication.

Chronic lack of movement can lead to a number of health problems, and more importantly, can rob your life of joy. We believe that the answer to many of our ailments is to introduce movement and maintain movement quality for as long as possible. In this way we truly can enjoy a fulfilling life.

Dr. Michael Cardinal

Growing up an athlete, Dr. Cardinal has always been interested in maximizing human performance. Throughout his 14 years of track and field competition, and 9 years of competitive weightlifting, he was continually hampered by injuries that limited his ability to enjoy the sport and perform at his best. Because of this Dr. Cardinal has dedicated himself to helping individuals move better, find strength they didn’t know they had, and fully enjoy the activities they love.

Since graduating in 2018, Dr. Cardinal has worked with people looking for answers.  They come in due to pain, loss of activities they love to do, or the desire to maximize their athletic performance. As a team, Dr. Cardinal and the patient work together to address their concerns regarding pain and injury. Along with his Doctorate of Chiropractic, Dr. Cardinal has earned his bachelor’s degree in Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Sciences. His background in movement, fitness, and competitive strength sports gives him a unique perspective on the needs of the active individual and what it takes to maintain their active lifestyle.

Dr. Cardinal works with people aged 15 – 50+ on a daily basis. He teaches them how to overcome pain, avoid injury, or return from injury through correct movement patterns, specific corrective exercises, and increased functional strength. He is founder of what is rapidly becoming one of the go-to practices in the area for crossfitters, weightlifters, powerlifters and many other amazing active adults.

Additional certifications

Pre-script L1, L2, Barbell
Rocktape Certified Provider
FAKTR Certified Provider
Barbell Rehab Method Provider
Pain Free Performance Specialist

Strong Life Chiropractic & Performance - Dr. Michael Cardinal - Tigard, Oregon