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Conditions that Benefit from Chiropractic care

Mature Man Having Backache While Sitting

Back and Neck pain

Nobody likes to wake up with a "crick" in their neck, or feeling like they can't stand up straight for 10-20 minutes. Low back pain is hard to deal with and can really take the joy out of life. Too many people live with shooting pain, stiffness and numbness.


How many of us know someone we love or have been told that we need to take a pill, live with the pain or give up activities that we love?


It is important to understand that there can be many causes of pain: herniated discs, degenerative discs, improper spinal mechanics, muscle spasms, irritation of the joints in the spine, and inflammation of the nerves.


Chiropractic improves disc health, reduces stress and inflammation for the nerves and joints, and significantly improve spinal mechanics. The goal at Strong Life Chiropractic is to remove the limitations that pain and stiffness has imposed upon you and to give you back the life that you want and deserve!


Shoulders, knee, and other extremity pain

Pain in our extremities limits our ability to go out and do the activities that we love, makes it hard to do the needed tasks around the house, and almost impossible to get down and play with the kids or pets.

Chiropractic is extremely beneficial for for all extremity issues. People most often seek our help to reduce hip and shoulder bursitis, improving joint range of motion, and help with those knees that don't want to go up and down the stairs or squat down anymore. 

Image by John Torcasio

Sports Injuries 

Whether it is a bump, bruise, sprain or strain we are here to help!

We offer an array of soft tissue techniques, E-stim, kinesiology taping, and corrective exercises/movement coaching to get you moving better, feeling better and off of the sideline faster. 





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